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Vision - Mission - Philosophy - Core Values

PENTAGON is committed to the development of competent, people-oriented and ethical nurses who are qualified and prepared to assume professional practice in any setting.

PENTAGON implements a holistic educational program that assists in deepening theoretical grasp, in enhancing potentials and in instilling positive values of future professionals.

PENTAGON believes that:
Learning must be evidenced-based.  Learning starts where the learners are. The actual needs of students must be identified. Curriculum development is an outcome of thorough learning need analysis.
Learning process must be holistic, competency-based and dynamic. The content of learning highly considers the trends of the current professional practice.
Monitoring and evaluation are vital components of the learning process. Content, strategies and methodologies must be constantly assessed to further improve the learning process.
The success of an educational institution lies on its ability to develop theoretically-prepared, confident and analytic students sucessfully hurdling professional examinations in the noblest most effective manner.
Core Values

Camaraderie  *  Esprit de corps  *  Unity  *  Egalitarian  *  Excellence  *  Honesty *  Integrity  *  Respect  *  Dignity

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